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in The Kitsap Sun

“[Hot Sauce in Kitsap County] is like a warped travelogue/time capsule of Curran's experiences, starting just across the Agate Pass Bridge from her Bainbridge Home ("RIP 305 Park and Ride") and ending in Seattle with a haunting brace of songs — one about life on Capitol Hill ("Capitol Hill Is Hell") and the other a spoken-word, personalized "History of Seattle," contrasting neighborhoods of two decades ago to a present of "skyscrapers and highrises you don't even remember."“

in The Bainbridge Review

“…absurdity is a creative state.

“I think if you’re too attached to, ‘I’m going to make a really good piece of art,’ if you put too much thought and too much into it, it kind of comes out as anxious music,” the performer explained. “You have to be willing to be weird and let go and see what happens. Sometimes, you just dribble something out or put it on the internet or make a song about it and it’s the thing people respond to the most because it has no pretense.””